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Final Fall 2019


========ART 1090-07=====
Nov 12 Clay Faces
Nov 14 Critique & Demo

Nov 19 Mold Making
Nov 21 Mold Making (Maybe Late)


Dec 3 Mold Making
Dec 5 Plaster Critique

Dec 12 Thursday 12:00PM – 2:00PM FA 107 / Tinkercad Critique

========ART 1090-01=====
Nov 13 Demo

Nov 18 Critique – Mold Making
Nov 20 Mold Making


Dec 2 Mold Making
Dec 4 Plaster Critique

Dec 16 Monday 9:30AM – 11:30AM / Tinkercad Critique
EXCEPT: Daniels, Diamante, Hollum, Tyler, Vega, Arianna


========ART 1500-01=====


Nov 13

Nov 18 Head Critique Ephemeral Object Critique
Nov 20


Dec 2
Dec 4

Dec 16 Monday 2:30PM – 4:30PM Final Self Portrait Crtique
EXCEPT: Hernandez, Melissa



ART 1090-07
12/12/2019, Thursday
12:00PM – 2:00PM
FA 107


ART 1090-01
12/16/2019, Monday
9:30AM – 11:30AM
FA 107

ART 1500-01
12/16/2019, Monday
2:30PM – 4:30PM

ART 1090




The F.E.W.W Game Development

Cal State LA and AI is sponsoring our senior design project to make a prototype game that will become a final playable product come summer of 2019. We currently have a team of computer science, film, and art students and now we are trying to get our animators for the project.

 Social Media Manager for the Institute (Work Study Position)

Tech Talent Pipeline Summer 2019 Internship program!

Paid Internships with Snapchat, Boingo, Fox Sports+ through the LA Tech Talent Pipeline Internship Program

The Bixel Exchange’s L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline Internship Program is an incredible opportunity for students or youth in your network to get that critical “foot-in-the-door” for a high-growth and high-paying tech career with awesome companies like Snap, Inc., Boingo Wireless, Fox Sports West, and many more! Last year, of our 150 interns placed, nearly 40% went on to receive full or part-time employment with one of our 60+ tech company partners!

The positions that we’re recruiting for range from marketing and digital media to IT support and software development – with everything in-between! To see the breadth yourself, check out our google folder of internships that we are recruiting for/have recruited for in the past. Not all positions require coding or what you might think of when you think of “tech” in a traditional sense – there really is something for everyone, at any level of technical experience!

Please click here to download a flyer for our internship program that you can send to your network! Included in the flyer are our program requirements, selection process and a program timeline. Below the body of this email, we have also included a short blurb that you can cut and paste to send out to your students/youth about our program.

Here is the direct link for Internship Program Application. The deadline to apply for a Summer 2019 internship is April 1st.  To learn more about our program, please visit


We are pleased that we have received continued campus support to award and disburse as many Cal State LA scholarships as possible by June 2019! This will allow the campus to honor our talented students and provide them with needed funds before classes begin.  It will also allow us to thank our donors in a timely manner and encourage them to continue to support our deserving students and programs.

Cal State LA has over 400 scholarship opportunities to support the educational goals of our students.  You can browse the variety of scholarships available on our Cal State LA Scholarships Application site.  The scholarships are made available through the generosity of our University donors, alumni, and friends.  Remember, these scholarship opportunities are in addition to the various federal, state, and outside agency financial aid programs!

When do students apply and what is the deadline?

  • Students can begin applying on March 5, 2019.
  • Students must complete their online application except for the submission of the letter of reference no later than April 1, 2019.
  • The person submitting the letter of reference must do so no later than 5 pm, on April 8, 2019.

For more information about the Scholarship application process, please visit:

2017-Fall Wind Down 3d

November 15 plaster
November 20 Plaster Mold – Done G Presentations
November 22 No Class – Target Date for Comedy/Drama face to be completed
Nov 27th Tinker Cad Critique (submission link) .stl files
Nov 29th Comedy/Drama Critique. Give out Final on Repetition
December 4 Final – Project and Critique
December 6th Individual Meetings
December 8th is Scheduled Final

Illustrator: Assignment 1

Logo Design

nment we will create a logo for you or a friend.


  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Type
  • Type on Path
  • Pathfinder


  • You will need to change all fonts to outlines.
  • Modify fonts
  • Scalable
  • Converts to grayscale

Presentations / Critiques

Submit JPG for critique here 


  • Please submit both color & bw version, each on dark and light background. Each version should be on it’s own artboard.
  • Each variation in own folder, all folders and essential elements organized and properly labeled
  • All fonts turned to outlines
  • Submit letter head, business card and stationary (you will need to create 3 additional artboards on this document 8.5″x11″, 3.5″x2″, 3.875″ x 8.875″)
  • Include CMYK & RGB Color Info
  • Include font info

Submit Final ai files here



Golden Rules

Additional Readings:

Pro Guide to Logo Design | Common Mistakes in Logo Design | What we learned..


Font Pair | color-Hex | Basic Color Theory | Google Fonts

Look and Feel:


Logo Style:

Font Style:



We will have in-depth critiques (reading), and we will meet often to briefly critique work during class. During these critiques, you will familiarize yourself with the ways of looking, thinking and talking about art. We will examine the formal and conceptual attributes of each student’s work in addition to different approaches to critiquing. The purpose of these critiques is to develop a vocabulary of critique, help each other in expanding our technical and conceptual capabilities, and establish a sense of an in-class artists’ community.

The evaluation for critique is based on your participation (which may consist of small group discussion, large group discussion, written comments, online comments, etc). Any student who misses the final critique (see the class schedule) will automatically lose 2 letter grades off their overall grade for the class. If a student misses any other critique during the semester, their overall grade for the course will drop by one letter grade per missed critique.

Identifying Intentions & Results

Artists have a very specific message for each piece of art. That message is frequently misunderstood/missed. The idea of intentions versus results in its most raw form is essentially what the artist wants to convey and what is actually experienced. The best way to understand the experience of the public’s reaction to your work is to request feedback. Peers and teachers can provide helpful feedback. Descriptive feedback, where a person describes the work as if they are speaking to a blind person, is one approach to understanding how your work reads for the viewer. Interpretive feedback, where a person describes the work’s symbolic and/or metaphorical meanings, is another approach. One of the most interesting parts of art is the fact that it can mean something a little bit different to everyone who enjoys it.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Source: Art Critique

Indesign / Final

Submit your project here.

Resubmit any past projects for a better grade, here.



  • A+ = Reflection/Motion/Skin Peel
  • A = 2/3
  • A- = 1/3
  • B+ = 0/3
  • B = Missing Jp
  • C Missing Critique


  • A+ = Properly Labeled, Before/After .jpeg, B/W/Biz Card/Envelope/Stationary/
  • A  = Properly Labeled, Before/After .jpeg, B/W/Biz Card/Envelope/Stationary/ <Minor issues
  • A- = Properly Labeled, Before/After .jpeg, B/W/Biz Card/Envelope/Stationary/  <Issues
  • B+ = in Properly Labeled, Before/After .jpeg, B/W/Biz Card/Envelope/Stationary/
  • B   = In Properly Labeled, Before/After .jpeg, B/W/Biz Card/Envelope/Stationary/  <Minor issues
  • B-  = In Properly Labeled, Before/After .jpeg, B/W/Biz Card/Envelope/Stationary/  < issues


  • A+ = 4 Pages Layout, Packages open without issues / Top 10
  • A  =  4 Pages Layout, Packages open without issues
  • A- = 4 Pages Layout, Packages open with minor issues
  • B+ = 4 Pages Layout, Packages open with  issues
  • B   = < 4 Pages Layout, Packages open with  issues
  • B-  = < 4 Pages Layout, Packages open with major  issues
  • C = Missing Critique